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Writer’s Perspective by Doug Ranno

While I believe in an American’s right to bear arms for self-defense and recreation, I don’t see any rational reason why a citizen, especially a teenage citizen, would need a gun made purely for killing. Rapid fire assault weapons and other weapons that are designed for mass killing should be reserved specifically for our military and law enforcement to protect our freedom and ensure the safety of citizens.

I believe that every child, No matter how unique and different, should be welcomed and always feel accepted socially in a school environment. The foundational value of not harassing kids must be taught early and reinforced throughout the entire school life of a child and young adult. It is not only a teachers’ responsibility to teach this, they must identify and ensure proper actions happen when a child is isolated, bullied or mentally troubled, as a key part of their job. This includes helping the isolated child and that child’s family identify solutions for more inclusion and happiness.

A parent of a child who is being bullied and isolated needs special training and support to learn how to help their child deal with techniques to Gain emotional strength and knowledge on how to build self-confidence and learn where to fit in. Schools need to be prepared to provide these resources.

American schools need to be secure from guns, safe from illegal drugs, exist without social harassment, and be free of gang violence and  Crime. That means Essential funds and services need to be reapportioned in favor of a safer school environment for our kids.

A parent of a child who is or has been bullying another child, Loudly needs to be part of the discipline, training for improvement, and counseling that the bullying child receives.

Our politicians, who have been elected by the people, for the people, need to step up to the plate and Shed themselves of political bureaucracy to take the actions necessary to make a change.

May we all listen to the voices of our children, their families and honor those who have lost their lives to these tragedies by making change happen. Please help share this message and support our children as they are our future.


Angels Songwriter Doug Ranno, BMI Singer/Songwriter 2018